Check the shopping guide for links to preorder a lot of the new Sailor Moon merchandise including this Sailor Moon Crystal 2015 calendar!

Here’s everything that will come with the Sailor Moon Crystal LE Blu-ray Vol. 2:

  • Mercury henshin wand charm
  • 24 page full colour booklet
  • disc case
  • pretty square box (it’s not a music box this time)


Sailor Moon Crystal LE Blu-ray Vol. 2 art featuring Sailor Mercury!

Preorder the Star Lockets on CDJapan!

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What a time to be a Sailor Moon fan!!! ^_^ New merchandise, new musicals, new events, new anime!!!! Thank you for sticking with this blog while we celebrate together ♥ I’m really happy to be able to contribute a tiny amount to the hobby I love so much!

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